Designed Information Services offers simplicity

and clarity in our relationships with our clients, and we communicate in a transparent and honest way to deliver the
best possible service to our clients.

IT Products and Marketing

ICT products for users/consumers, Service designs. Our clients now have quick access to up-to-the minute business reporting and strategic advice all in one place.

IT Career Development

Resources for IT career development, Resources for IT professionals, Resources for IT product manufacturers and marketers

Publishing and Events

We have experienced editorial, marketing, and public relations consultants to deliver compelling content to engage readers and build strong brands.

Business Development and Services

Designed Information Services works with businesses and entrepreneurs to create business reporting tools to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Be part of something special. Join DIS

DIS is happy to announce an opening for a Dynamic and charismatic part-time sales & marketing staff. Contact us with your CV and a brief introduction of yourself With your enthusiasm in marketing.


Our Partners

We are proud of our partners, and only work with the very best.