Connect with current customers

and reach out to your new clients –we can enable you to do this better

When you work with Designed Information Services, you take advantage of our many years of experience of working with key decision-makers in the business sector, and specifically the IT industry.
Whether your goal is customer outreach, product awareness, branding, or pipeline development, a partnership with Designed Information Services will help you get there.
Designed Information Services can help you build an online community, create world-class educational and networking opportunities, develop and market content that is sure to build your customer and prospect base, and make sure that your offerings reach the widest possible audience.

Take a look at all the different ways we can work together.

Business Reporting

Designed Information Services works with businesses and entrepreneurs to create business reporting tools to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our business reporting tools provide bespoke solutions to enable your business to get up-to-the minute information on market trends and fluctuations.

Custom Publishing

We have experienced editorial, marketing, and public relations consultants to deliver compelling content to engage readers and build strong brands. We work closely with our customers to understand your needs; we can develop and customise editorial programs, including magazines, special reports, white papers, and custom apps. Designed Information Services will create the right message and editorial vehicle to help your business stand out from the crowd.



Business decisions should never be made based on hunches or “gut feeling”. Our customised research programmes provide independent, comprehensive, and actionable business intelligence to help you better understand your customers, and to establish credibility and generate leads.

Business-to-Business Communities

Our experienced team of communications professionals can create tailored and interactive content including articles, blogs, and presentations to convey the messages your business wants to get across. We will work with you to initiate dialogue with your customers and stakeholders and build effective two-way dialogue.

Event Management

Each year Designed Information Services produces a range of seminars, conferences, workshops, tradeshows, and on-site training programs, attended by thousands of IT professionals. Reach your current customers or expand your reach, without the expense of building it yourself.